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Monetizing and growing your newsletter with Caroline Porter & Joseph Lichterman

Yaro Bagriy
Yaro Bagriy

About this episode:  This week we have Caroline Porter & Joseph Lichterman, two successful newsletter creators and journalists who, with their friend Emily Roseman, are running a course called Newsletter Strategies for Journalists: How to Create, Grow & Monetize Newsletters. In this episode we're going to discuss how to find  the right monetization strategy for your newsletter, growth tips, and their thoughts on Substack.

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Substack vs. Revue
We all love making money on the internet, right? Well, if you have a newsletter (or two!) you can make a living from them. And who doesn't want to do that?

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Show Notes & Insights:

  • Newsletter monetization can be broken down into 3 areas. Readers, businesses, and community.
  • One of the best ways to look at newsletter monetization is through a lens of small bets. What's something you can try that's low stakes, then take it from there.
  • You can monetize your newsletter itself, or use your newsletter to help monetize another product.
  • Newsletters are a great way to drive habit for your audience.
  • Paid subscriptions can have tiers. A month, a year. One a week free newsletter, but people can pay for extra newsletters.
  • Classified ads are one of the best ways to monetize a newsletter. It can serve the reader by showing them related products or services they'd be interested in.
  • If you're running a paid newsletter, you can use it as a base for content. Then provide community as the paid aspect to your newsletter.
  • Focus on audience engagement rather than subscriber count.
  • What does loyalty and engagement look like in your newsletter?
  • Newsletter monetization all comes down to your audience, how they view your newsletter, and how they use your newsletter. These answers come from subscriber feedback and quantitative metrics.
  • Paid B2B newsletters are great since most readers can expense the cost of it.
  • Subscribe pop ups are a great and proven way to convert more visitors into subscribers. Low effort, high reward.
  • Guest hosting is a fun and unique way to reach an audience you may have never reached. It'll help you grow your newsletter through the exposure to that new audience.
  • Your own email list is the most important piece of digital real estate you own.
  • Great content is important, but consistency is key. Every newsletter you skip is one less chance for your audience to share or forward that newsletter to potential subscribers.
  • Less frequent but more consistent is better than less consistent but more frequent.

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Newsletter Strategies for Journalists: How to Create, Grow & Monetize Newsletters:


Yaro Bagriy

Podcast host & community manager