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Newsletter bundling with Ari Lewis

Yaro Bagriy
Yaro Bagriy

About this episode: On this episode we have Ari Lewis talking about newsletter bundling. As we’ve seen the rise of the independent newsletter creator, we’re also now seeing the next phase of bundling happening. There are already many examples of newsletter bundling today and as you’ll hear in this episode that it’s a great way to capture a whole new audience. This is an episode you don’t want to miss if you’re interested in the future of newsletter monetization.

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Show Notes & Insights:

  • Newsletter fatigue is real and has been ever increasing.
  • In the past, there was not enough content and the distribution was limited. Today we have too much content and the distribution is abundant.
  • Newsletters pose a value trade-off vs attention trade-off. If the newsletter provides enough value subscribers will give their attention to it.
  • “Bundling produces value for both consumers and providers by giving access for and revenue from casual fans.”
  • By bundling products you’re actually getting access to a whole new group of consumers who may have not paid for your newsletter in the first place.
  • Bundling allows gaining access to revenue from consumers you may have not had access to in the first place.
  • Bundling is an art more than it is a science.
  • At some point, there’s a transition that occurs where the value of the brand is more important than the value of the writer.
  • With newsletter building, it all comes down to the author and bundle on if the author will own the audience.
  • Medium and Substack differ only in that with Medium they own the audience and with Substack you own the audience.
  • Ultimately the bundles that will succeed are the ones that will provide value.
  • It doesn’t matter how big your user base is, all that matters is that you’re adding value.

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Yaro Bagriy

Podcast host & community manager

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