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Growing to $14k/month with Manu Cinca of Stacked Marketer

Yaro Bagriy
Yaro Bagriy

About this episode: This week we dive deep into Manu Cinca’s newsletter Stacked Marketer, a newsletter that is earning $14k/month. We’ll discuss topics such as finding advertisers, inbound and outbound advertisers, Facebook ads, and newsletter ads. We’ll also discuss Stacked Marketers three main reader acquisition channels, the effectiveness of ads written in the newsletters own voice, and so much more! This episode is critical for anyone interested in really building a profitable newsletter.

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Show Notes & Insights:

  • The best time you sell your newsletter is when you don't need to sell your newsletter.
  • Find a niche that's underserved. Create your newsletter around that niche and fill that value-gap that's there. You'll see great success!
  • Once you have content nailed down your newsletter tends to become nicely scaleable.
  • The more cash you have in the bank, the more options you have to make a sizable bet on your newsletter.
  • Your newsletter reader acquisition strategy should include the following: a referral program, paid marketing (other newsletters,  Facebook ads, etc),  and cross-promotions.
  • Stacked Marketer's referral program brings in about 20% of the newsletter daily newsletter subscribers.
  • Something many new newsletter creators may not know, but It's common for Facebook ads to completely shoot-up in price around the New Years time.
  • Take a shot at advertising in other newsletters adjacent to your niche.
  • Newsletter advertising generally has a lower reader acquisition cost than other channels (i.e. media buying).
  • Newsletter ads > Facebook ads
  • If you're looking to advertise in other newsletters you don't need to go super niche. As long as the general audience has some overlap with your newsletter.
  • Usually newsletters that are competing with you probably won't want to cross promote or even take money from you for advertising. Find adjacent niches to target.
  • Actively have benchmarks you're working toward.
  • 1/3 of the advertisers book more ads with Stacked Marketer.
  • The click quality matters more than click-through rate.
  • When you're starting with advertising you'll hit good months and bad months. Once you've been well established, then you'll start seeing a stead stream of advertisers.
  • Don't focus on outbound advertising acquisition. Most newsletter creators get their advertisers inbound.
  • Finding advertisers outbound is high effort with little reward.
  • If you're looking for advertisers simply focus on subscriber growth. First, it gets you more inbound advertisers (more informed too). Second, you're able to charge more to that advertiser as you grow.
  • It's too difficult to convince someone who's not familiar with newsletter advertising or your newsletter specifically to sponsor it.
  • Inbound advertisers > outbound advertisers
  • If one week you don't have a sponsor slot filled, replace it with " This could be your ad here" or something similar. Remind the readers that they have an opportunity to advertise in your newsletter.
  • Never place a word-for-word advertisement by the advertisers. Make sure to write it in such a way that it fits naturally into your newsletter. This will help conversion rates as well as makes it pleasant for the readers.

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Yaro Bagriy

Podcast host & community manager

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