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Welcome emails & email courses with Monica Lent of Blogging for Devs

Yaro Bagriy
Yaro Bagriy

About this episode: This week we have Monica Lent, a successful newsletter creator, and developer. She runs Blogging for Devs which has over 1800+ subscribers and also achieved Product of the Day on ProductHunt. In this episode, we’ll discuss her welcome emails and email course challenge that has seen very impressive retention rates for her newsletter.

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How To Improve Your Newsletter Welcome Emails: Best Practices and Examples
Your welcome email is your chance to showcase your unique personality and build your relationship with your subscribers. Don't send a generic email - follow these tips to optimize your welcome email.

Show Notes & Insights:

  • Create standalone mini-products (newsletters) that help market your main product
  • Increase growth by writing great landing-page copy. Keep it simple and actionable.
  • When you launch your newsletter ask for support from your community, friends, colleges, and anyone you know. Let them help you reach as many people as possible.
  • Make sure your landing page speaks to your ideal subscribers. For example, if you're targeting developers don't make it too markety. Understand your ideal subscriber intimately. to uncover these types of insights.
  • Don't underestimate the power of word-of-mouth for subscriber growth.
  • Use your welcome email as a way to gather feedback on where your subscribers came from. As you gather more and more insights, you'll begin to understand where to put your focus.
  • Welcome email tip: include three questions to increase welcome email reply rates. Why are you here? How did you hear about us? What do you hope to learn?
  • If you have a call-to-action in your welcome email to respond, you could spend hours a week replying and conversing with your subscribers. This is how you build super fans.
  • Building a community around your newsletter will bring greater subscriber intimacy.
  • If your newsletter requires a baseline of knowledge to understand and keep up with, try adding an email course before getting into the newsletter to bring the subscriber up to that baseline.
  • An email course is better than a lead magnet since it really shows you that a subscriber is committed to being on your list rather than simply subscribing to the lead magnet.
  • Once you understand your audience intimately you can then build an effective funnel. One audience may love lead magnets. Another may love email courses. And even another may love something completely different.
  • A 7-day email course can increase retention rates of subscribers since you start the relationship off with daily touchpoints, thus building that relationship up quicker.
  • Newsletters are just another way to build relationships.
  • Your newsletter might find use in an email course if it's goal or outcome orientated in some way. This is usually educational based newsletters. Content curation or news based newsletters probably won't benefit too much.
  • An email course is a great way for your subscribers to do something with the information gained from your newsletter.
  • Make it as simple as possible with your newsletter.

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Yaro Bagriy

Podcast host & community manager

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