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Growing a newsletter to 100k+ subscribers with Codie Sanchez of Contrarian Thinking

Yaro Bagriy
Yaro Bagriy

About this episode: This week we have Codie Sanchez, a successful newsletter creator who runs multiple newsletters. Her most popular being Contrarian Thinking, which currently has over 100k subscribers.  In this episode we're going to discuss the exact steps she took to get her newsletter from 0 to 50k subscribers and how you can go from 0 to 10k subscribers in 30 days.

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Getting your newsletter in front of an audience
Growing your newsletter can be quite a difficult feat, and it takes a lot of patience and consistency to reach that first 1000 subscribers mark, but it's definitely not impossible.
Episode 34 Part 2
About this episode: In part 2 we're going to dive into the steps Codie took to get from 50k to 100k subscribers, what her plans are to expand Contrarian Thinking, and growth-hacking tips.

Show Notes & Insights:

  • If you're looking to grow your newsletter quickly, start by joining every community there is that's related to your niche. Provide massive value and then pitch them your newsletter.
  • Leverage other people's audiences to build your own.
  • Add a lot of value in the posts where you're sharing your newsletter. Make it a no-brainer to join. Use the post as the reason why they should subscribe.
  • Long form posts with a catchy one-liner at the beginning will see much better results in growing your newsletter. The reason this works is that the 30-seconds you took from them to read your posts, you have them 300x the value.
  • Get a little bit of momentum before you start adding a referral program to your newsletter.
  • Momentum for your newsletter is easy to continue but hard to start.
  • The hardest part is actually creating the newsletter and sticking to it.
  • As a newsletter creator, make yourself visible. Be guests on podcasts, provide value through Twitter, post valuable content in communities. Get the word out!
  • Lead with value.
  • Getting to 10k subscribers is not easy but it's simple.
  • When you're starting your newsletter, reach out to everyone you know. Everyone! Facebook friends, email contacts, phone contacts, LinkedIn. When you reach out to them make it specific why it'd be beneficial to them.
  • Spend 2 solid hours a week growth hacking your newsletter.
  • You can either be the expert and share your expertise. Or you can share your journey. Either way you have authenticity.
  • After you've exhausted your personal network and communities to grow your newsletter, start hitting up cross-promotions. Start with people at your same level, then bump it up. After cross-promotions start with podcasts and other media.
  • Newsletters don't do enough growth-hacking. Even if you only want to be content focused, it's still important to market. Don't feel bad about having some hustle associated with your newsletter.
  • Spend as much time you do marketing your newsletter as you do writing it.
  • Great content won't be enough to really grow your newsletter. Great content is just a baseline.
  • Owning a newsletter is one of the best ways to meet amazing new people.

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