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All about Newsletter Directories with Nick Frost

Yaro Bagriy
Yaro Bagriy

About this episode: This week we have Nick Frost, the expert on newsletter directories. Nick runs two of the most popular newsletter directories, and We've been hearing a lot of questions about what newsletter directories are, what they're used for, why you should submit to them, and what benefits they provide. So we wanted to bring Nick on and have him answer them all.

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Show Notes & Insights:

  • A newsletter directory is a curated list or user submitted list of newsletters with tags or categories to filter them. The newsletters directory could focus on one niche or many.
  • For the reader, a newsletter directory serves one purpose. To help find them newsletters to subscribe to.
  • For a newsletter, the main purpose a newsletter directory serves is to provide a platform to have it be discovered.
  • Publish your newsletters to all available newsletter directories.
  • Newsletter directories are all about casting a wide net. Get you newsletter on as many as possible to have the biggest reach possible.
  • Every newsletter directory your newsletter is listed on will give you a backlink to your newsletter.
  • Newsletter directories provide an amazing passive growth channel for your newsletter.
  • The amount of subscribers a newsletter directory could bring comes down to the strength of the newsletter directory itself and also how well you describe it.
  • Expect about 10-20 new subscribers the first week you submit to a newsletter directory. But as a newsletter directories authority grows growth picks up for all newsletters.
  • As time goes on it's going to get harder and harder for a newsletter to reach 100k subscribers.
  • When you're launching your newsletter, take it seriously. Have a checklist. Make submitting your newsletter to newsletter directories a serious step that you don't take lightly. Prepare for it.
  • Take submitting your newsletter to a newsletter directory as serious as launching on Product Hunt.
  • Be sure to prepare when submitting your newsletter to any newsletter directory. Many are different. InboxStash has a much more in-depth submission form that you can take advantage of when submitting.
  • Don't just copy your header and subheader from your landing page and use that as the description when submitting to a newsletter directory. Spend 30 minutes really thinking about how to summarize your newsletter so potential visitors are more convinced to subscribe.
  • When you're submitting your newsletter to any newsletter directory, describe it like no-one knows what it is. Most visitors probably don't.
  • Newsletter directory submission checklist: Make sure you have a solid logo, 1-2 paragraphs explaining what your newsletter is and why it's beneficial to subscribe, and make sure the headline is relevant to your newsletter. All of this goes into the SEO of the listing.
  • The main goal of a newsletter directory in the newsletters eyes is to get you more subscribers.

Newsletter + Guest Info:

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Yaro Bagriy

Podcast host & community manager

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