EP8: Growth tips, launching, and workflow with Falak Sher of IndieLetters

About this episode:  This week we have Falak Sher a med-school drop out turned newsletter creator. Falak spend 4...

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EP9: Premium value adds and community building with Rosie Sherry of Rosieland

About this episode: On this episode of the Newsletter Crew podcast we have Rosie Sherry. She’s the expert on...

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EP10: All about referrals with Louis Nicholls of Sales for Founders

About this episode: Today we have Louis Nicholls. I’ve known him on twitter for quite some time now and...

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EP11: Newsletter bundling with Ari Lewis

About this episode: On this episode we have Ari Lewis talking about newsletter bundling. As we’ve seen the rise...

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EP12: Repurposing your newsletter and funnels with Jens Lennartsson of Make & Market

About this episode: This week will cover topics on repurposing your newsletter content, creating sales funnels that work for...

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