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How to Promote Your Newsletter on Reddit

Yaro Bagriy
Yaro Bagriy

Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet”, has over 50 billion page views per month and over 52 million daily active users. That’s a lot of eyeballs. There are over 100K active communities on Reddit and it’s growing. Every day, millions of people post links and create discussions on Reddit. Then users comment and vote on content they like.

Despite the fact that the site has been around for more than a decade, many marketers are still clueless about how to use Reddit effectively. They don't take advantage of the community that exists on the platform, and that goes for newsletter creators as well. If you're serious about social media marketing, you need to be on Reddit. Posting there can surely bring subscribers to your newsletter. This post will explain how to promote your newsletter on Reddit without getting banned.

1. Join Your Niche Subreddits

Just like Facebook groups, Reddit has subreddits. A subreddit is a subsection of Reddit that is dedicated to a particular topic.

In these interest-based communities, users can submit posts or comments, and then other users can vote them up or down and report the spammy content.

To promote your newsletter on Reddit, identify your niche subreddits and join them. To do so, search your niche keywords on Reddit and join your niche communities. If you want to join bigger subreddits only, check this list of top 5000 subreddits.

2. Engage With Users

Engaging within communities is a great way to build trust and connections with other members. So, allocate some time on a daily basis to engage with other users.

You can engage in multiple ways. Upvote good posts, leave a comment where you can add value, and reshare posts in relevant subreddits. Only comment on posts in which you are genuinely interested.

3. Increase Your Karma

Karma is the social currency of Reddit. Karma is a number that represents how much good the user has done for the Reddit community. A user can get karma by submitting links, comments, etc. on Reddit. Karma will be shown by a number next to the username.

You may be thinking why I have to care about Karma?

You have to care about it because some subreddits have rules that don’t allow new users to post their content as they don’t have enough karma.

To overcome that, you have to build karma first. Here are three easy ways to increase your karma:

  1. Post a karma request or comment in r/FreeKarma.
  2. Ask open-ended questions in r/AskReddit or comment on other posts.
  3. Comment on new and rising posts in your niche subreddits.
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3. Share Your Own Content

Reddit gets over 50 billion page views per month and Reddit posts rank in Google SERPs as well. So, don’t miss the opportunity and post there.

For doing so, create some exclusive content for Reddit. I know it’s difficult for many newsletter creators. So here is a workaround i.e. repurpose your newsletter stuff.

Take your newsletter content and publish it there. If your newsletter is lengthy, repurpose it into multiple posts. At the end of each post, link to your newsletter in a non-promotional way. I would suggest keeping the first few posts non-promotional to build community trust. After that, practice adding a link at the end of your post.

Another mistake many users do is posting the same content in multiple subreddits on the same day. Try to avoid that.

Note: Before you post in any subreddit, check their rules. Some subreddits don’t allow self-promotion and these subreddit members are hostile to self-promoters. If you break these rules, your posts will be deleted, you may get a warning and may be banned permanently.

There are two ways to overcome it:

  1. Be a nice guy and don’t post there
  2. Make another account with a different username and plug your content there.

4. Get Early Upvotes

Initial upvotes will push your posts in the Rising post section of subreddits. This way, content is seen by as many people as possible. This brings more readers to your site which results in more subscribers.

However, this can be hard if you don’t get early upvotes. In this scenario, ask your friends to help you out.

5. Best Time to Post on Reddit

According to X-cart, weekends and Mondays are the best time to post on Reddit. Generally, Redditors are most active in the mornings. Try to post between 6 am and 8 am on Monday, and between 7 am and 9 am on weekends.

Instead of posting manually at these times, use Later For Reddit for scheduling posts.

6. Analyze What’s Working

Sharing stuff alone isn’t enough. Analyze which posts get more likes, comments. Also, analyze which posts are converting more readers into subscribers? Then double down on what’s working and create similar content.

7. Use Keyword Monitoring Tools

Keyword monitoring is the process of tracking different channels to identify where the relevant keyword is mentioned.

Brands do keyword monitoring, but we can also do it for our newsletter. Use F5bot for this purpose. It’s a free service that emails you when your selected keywords are mentioned on Reddit, Hacker News, or Lobsters. Just add keywords you want to track and it will email whenever one of your keywords is mentioned. Then comment on your keyword posts. And if a subreddit allows link sharing, add your sign-up link as well.

8. Give More Than You Take

Redditors hate self-promotion. Follow the 80/20 rule to thrive in subreddits. Your content should add value to the readers and keep the promotional stuff minimal and at the end of your post.

9. Be Consistent and Focus on Long-term

Lot of people will tell you that there are a lot of different ways to get better at something. However, the fact of the matter is that there really is only one way to get better at something: be consistent and focus on long-term results. There are no shortcuts when it comes to mastering something.

Maybe your initial posts don’t perform well. Don’t lose courage. Keep on posting and slowly you will start getting traction.

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AWeber has everything you need to quickly and easily design and send your email newsletter in a matter of minutes.


Reddit is a goldmine if you figure out how to promote there. Posting high-quality content will surely add wings to your promotion on Reddit. Reddit posts rank in SERPs as well. This way, it can become an effective channel for getting more subscribers. If you are still not convinced about marketing on Reddit, try Reddit ads. They are very cheap. Big newsletters such as MorningBrew are effectively using them. Here is one of their ads preview:

Yaro Bagriy

Podcast host & community manager

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AWeber has everything you need to quickly and easily design and send your email newsletter in a matter of minutes.

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