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How Your Newsletter can Help Sponsors Achieve More ROI

Yaro Bagriy
Yaro Bagriy

When a brand is sponsoring your newsletter, they are expecting that your newsletter will lead them to more viewership, increased sales of their products, and increased website traffic. This is called ROI or return on investments that the sponsor has made on your newsletter. It takes a lot of effort to land a good sponsor for your newsletter. If you have found some, chances are they think your viewership will bring them more leads and sales.

Focusing on helping your sponsor achieve a higher ROI will lead to an increase in sponsor price and longer-term partnerships, which will lead to overall long-term revenue growth for your newsletter. It's better to focus on achieving a higher ROI for your sponsors than it is to always needing to find new sponsors, since the ROI for previous sponsors wasn't that up to par.

To bring a higher ROI for your sponsor, it requires effort on your end as well so they can continue sponsoring your newsletter. Here are some tips and tricks that can ensure that your sponsor becomes a recurring sponsor and long-term sponsor for your newsletter.

1. Showcasing Sponsor Ad Clicks

On your sponsors landing page, showcase your click through rate. This way your sponsors can estimate clicks for a sponsor ad. This way you make sure that the sponsors do not expect a higher number of clicks on your ad.

For example, Stacked Marketer’s have 15,000 subscribers and CTR is 7%. Even if 1% of the subscribers click on the sponsor ad, the sponsor will get 140 unique clicks. And they have described it subtly on their advertising page.

2. Writing a Better Ad Copy

Do you think the ad that the sponsor gave you feels dull or will not appeal to your subscribers? Well, there is always the option of writing a better ad copy for your sponsor. You can create your own version of the ad and then submit it to the sponsor for approval with the reasoning why you made the ad the way you did, i.e. to appeal to your newsletter subscribers.

Give the sponsor the freedom to add more than one link in the newsletter. By adding multiple links, you are ensuring that more traffic is routed towards the sponsor’s landing page.

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4. Give Sponsors the Freedom to Add Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. It applies everywhere including sponsor ads. That’s why, media included ads appeal more than text based ads and bring more clicks for the sponsor as well.

So, allow your sponsor to add images in their ads. This way you are giving the sponsors a chance to receive better ROI.

5. Use Power Words in Ad Copy

Certain words trigger human impulses, and salespeople use these words a lot. That’s why they can close more sales with ease. These words are called power/selling words and they create the urgency in people to buy something.

When you are modifying the sponsor ad copy, add these selling words into the ad-copy so that more readers convert into buyers for the sponsor. If you are able to pull this off right, you are creating a recurring sponsor for your newsletter.

A few examples of power/selling words are:

  • Value
  • Benefit
  • Improved
  • Solution
  • Results
  • Proven
  • Thank You
  • Be the First
  • Premium
  • Free
  • New
  • Safe

6. Compensate Ads with Poor Response

In some cases, sponsors can’t get good results despite adding power words, images, multiple links and a better ad-copy, then compensate in another way.

Nathan Latka is doing that effectively for his podcast sponsors getting bad ROI. He gives an extra shoutout to the sponsor that did not receive a good response previously.

But in a newsletter, you cannot add him as a sponsor again in the same budget. If you do that, you will be losing the money.

To compensate, you can mention one of the sponsor’s blogs or tweet about them and promise them that you will take extra care crafting the sponsor copy for them in the future.

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7. Measure Results of an Ad Copy

When people see results, they are convinced automatically. Same happens for sponsors. If they are getting good ROI, they will definitely keep sponsoring your newsletter.

To measure ROI, ask your sponsors to add a UTM tag to their links or do it yourself for them. A UTM or Urchin Tracking Monitor is basically a tag added at the end of a weblink to monitor the number of visitors coming on the page using that specific link.

When a UTM tag is added to a link, sponsors can track the number of people who have visited their website through the UTM tag link. This way your sponsors can measure ad results based on the UTM data.

When you are sending a newsletter to subscribers, make sure to publish it on your website as well. This way, you are increasing the visibility of your newsletter issue and providing a backlink to your newsletter sponsors as well.


Start implementing the above-mentioned tips for your sponsors. I guarantee, you can easily improve the ROI for your sponsors. And when your sponsors are raking returns from the investment, they will keep on sponsoring you. More recurring sponsors means you're spending less time looking for your next sponsors, and more time growing your newsletter.

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Yaro Bagriy

Podcast host & community manager