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Join the Newsletter Crew

We're the number one community for newsletter creators. Becoming a member of the Newsletter Crew means you'll be a part of a vibrant, active, and helpful community of successful newsletter creators.

Our number one goal is to help all newsletter creators become successful on their digital journey.

Our community is powered by Discord and Discourse.


The Discord chat is used for newsletter creators to talk about their day-to-day activities, get immediate feedback, ask quick questions, discuss hot newsletter topics, and dig into the problems we're having.

Here are the channels you'll have access to:

  • #milestones
  • #general
  • #growth
  • #monetization
  • #feedback
  • #tech
  • #problems
  • #resources
  • #cross-promotions
  • #show-your-work


The Discourse forums is used within our community for the longer detailed discussions, topics, and insights. On the forums you'll be able to create topics that you or anyone from the community would be interested in coming back to. These are the timeless discussions.

You'll also have the option to create a journey thread and keep the community updated on your newsletter progress. This really helps with newsletter commitment!

Here are the categories you'll have access to:

  • General
  • Growth
  • Monetization
  • Feedback

What else does membership include?

Membership to the Newsletter Crew doesn't simply include access to private forums and chat. Here are a few more benefits.

Community Podcasts

As a member you'll also have the option to attend our weekly community podcast episodes. Every week we gather community members to discuss hot topics in the newsletter space. Check out an example below.

Community Podcast Example
On this community podcast we discussed if we're in a newsletter bubble. Every week we dicuss a new hot topic.

AMAs, Webinars, and Monthly Meetups

Our members are some of the most successful newsletter creators and they frequently put on AMAs and webinars for the community. Every month we also have a community virtual meetup where any member can join. We discuss what we've been working on, our current problems, and anything of interest.

Join This Months Meetup
We invite you to join us for this months meetup. RSVP here!

Private Content

Members will have access to Newsletter Crew's backlog of private content. We frequently interview guests on the podcast with recordings that go over an hour! All that extra content is for members to take advantage of.


$ 29
  • Full access to all private blogs
  • Full access to all private podcasts
  • Webinars and AMAs
  • Option to be on the Newsletter Crew community podcast episodes
  • Private Forums and Chat (200+ members)
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