EP13: Preparation, SEO, and growth with Stefan Palios of Remotely Inclined

EP13: Preparation, SEO, and growth with Stefan Palios of Remotely Inclined

About this episode: On this episode we’ll cover topics on how timing is crucial for newsletter success but absolutely doesn’t matter in the lifecycle of your newsletter. We’ll also cover how being prepared with help you catch as much luck as you can and monetize when the timing does happen. Then we’ll dive into using Twitter to grow your newsletter. How cross-posting and SEO can create a passive stream of new followers. And so much more! This was such an amazing and content filled episode that we had to create two part. So for all of the listeners who get to the end, we’ll tell you about how to get access to the second half where we dive into Stefans other acquisition channels.

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Show Notes & Insights:

  • Don’t live and die by your subscriber numbers. You must have other metrics. That could be the positive feedback per subscriber you’re receiving.
  • Growth is an idea whose time has come.
  • If you’re looking to build a large community you do need other people talking about your niche.
  • Timing matters but writing your newsletter for long enough, its time will come. In the life of your newsletter, timing absolutely does not matter.
  • Opportunity is at the section of luck and preparation.
  • You must have at least 2 reasons for doing any major project.
  • You should be in the mindset that a newsletter is a big project. It requires consistency. One is about the business itself. The other must be more personal.
  • Stefan chooses @Substack still as his newsletter platform of choice is because it simply does it all for you. You just need to publish. No tech skills required. All of your dedication is focused on writing.
  • Tweet ahead of time with a little drip of content from your newsletter to excited people into subscribing.
  • When your newsletter publishes a new issue manually DM any follower that would genuinely like it. Tweet it out and add a quote or @ anyone that was mentioned in the newsletter. More Twitter tips in the podcast.
  • Self-syndicate your newsletter by posting them as blogs on other websites. Effectively using SEO to drive subscriber growth.
  • Cross-post between your blogs and your newsletters.
  • The one big downfall of Substack is that you don’t own your domain. You can utilize guest posting, guest linking, and self-syndication to get around that and drive brand awareness through Google.

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