EP9: Premium value adds and community building with Rosie Sherry of Rosieland

EP9: Premium value adds and community building with Rosie Sherry of Rosieland

About this episode: On this episode of the Newsletter Crew podcast we have Rosie Sherry. She’s the expert on community building, community manager at IndieHackers, founder and unschooling mother to my 5 children. As a community builder myself, I really look up to Rosie and her insights. I’m so glad I had the chance to speak with her. We’ll discuss Rosies newsletter called Rosieland, value adds to premium newsletter subscriptions, how newsletter creators can expand on their newsletter by building a community around it, and the ways they can accomplish that goal.

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Show Notes & Insights:

  • Many people think they know how to build communities by adding a lot of tech to it. Rosie does not believe that’s what creates sustainable communities.
  • The easiest way to break into any subject is to create a curation based newsletter around it.
  • A weekly newsletter creates accountability for the creator to produce something weekly and keep up with their niche.
  • Rosie has a weekly free curation based newsletter. Her paid version has more in-depth blog typewriting and also a private notion board.
  • Rosie has been considering doing chats, meetups, and podcasts to bring more of a community gathering around her newsletter.
  • It is not essential to build an audience first before you can start building a community.
  • A premium subscription makes the newsletter creator accountable to deliver content weekly.
  • Rosie wouldn’t have gotten her paid subscribers if she hasn’t spent the 43 weeks prior to sending out her free newsletters.
  • To create more community with your newsletter start adding extra dimensions to it. Virtual meetups, podcasts, webinars, etc.
  • The most successful newsletter creators turn their following into a community.
  • Substack is moving into a more community-centric platform.
  • If you’re looking to start a community from your newsletter you need to start knowing who they intimately are.
  • You don’t need to be an expert to create a successful newsletter in your niche. You simply need to want to be an expert.
  • Results will come with the habits you build.

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