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How to Use Your Unsubscribe Page to Win Back Subscribers

Ankit Ghosh
Ankit Ghosh

We all know that unsubscribe page is the last thing which a leaving subscriber will see but as newsletter owners do we want that to happen? I'm guessing no, we want our subscribers to stay. So instead of considering unsubscribe page as the exit point, consider it as an entry point for an unsubscribed contact.

Also if you run campaigns like a free e-book on subscription then you must have seen users unsubscribing after getting the e-book we don't want this to happen either. So we will be using the unsubscribe page as the final attempt to tell the leaving contacts to stay and show what value lies ahead.

Elements of a high converting unsubscribe page

  1. Branding
  2. Appealing title
  3. Small body
  4. CTA(subscribe button)
  5. X Element

Here's an sample unsubscribe page which I made to help you guys understand the basics of converting unsubscribe page.

Sample Unsubscribe Page
Sample Unsubscribe Page

Now that your eyes have seen it, let's make your brain understand it in a more descriptive way so that you can build your own unsubscribe page.


Now we all agree that brand value really matters, it's for this same reason the Apple's sell more than LG. Similarly in newsletters people connect to the brand and there are chances that people might come back just because they you as a brand.

So always ensure that your unsubscribe page begins with your logo but it shouldn't be an overpowering element. A clean and small one is what you want.

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Title or Headline

Headlines are the most important and the trickiest part of any piece of content and as the unsubscribe page is your last opportunity, you need to give your best.

So, what makes a headline GREAT?

It should be short, simple and attention grabbing as we don't want those people to leave our page without subscribing back.

Here are few of the headlines which you can use in your unsubscribe page.

  1. Please, don't break up
  2. Here's what you'll miss
  3. It's not the same without you (used by PUMA)
  4. Can we give it a last chance?

A good headline is one which creates a personal connection, you can either use these or build your own just keep it simple yet elegant.


There are few things to keep while writing the body of your unsubscribe page. One that is needs to be very small as the one who unsubscribed doesn't really want to hear more from you so keep it small. Second thing to keep in mind is that it should deliver that right message, preferably values about your newsletter.

Here's an example of a nice yet small body.

I know you want to leave but won't you miss our awesome and loving content which helps you grow your digital business? If yes then feel free subscribe back using the button below and I'll(or we'll) send you a 10% discount coupon too.

Read it? It's simple short and awarding, just the way any user would want it to be.

Call To Action

Call to action or CTA is your only way to reverse the unsubscribed contact. There's no rocket science in it, just make the colors vibrant and should be the main highlighting factor.

Some characters of and effective CTA

  1. Have a compelling copy
  2. Placed at a proper location
  3. Colors should be contrasting
  4. Precise and specific

I'm confident that if you follow these four points then you will surely build a killing CTA.

X Element

Though it's a completely optional thing to add but highly recommended. X element is nothing but a small image or illustration which adds some feeling to your unsubscribe page.

Have a look at the example, see the sad dog image? Dog's are humans best-friend and people don't make friends sad. You can also use some illustrations or your mascot to convey this message.

Now we have learned lot about building unsubscribe page, let's dive into some real life teardown.

Email Monks Unsubscribe Page

Email Monks Unsubscribe Page
Email Monks Unsubscribe Page

Here is an unsubscribe page which was used by Email Monks(now known as Uplers Email). Have a close look, doesn't it follows all the pointers we discussed above?

It has customized headline to grab attention and a nice illustration to add emotion to it. Additionally it also has form which let's user completely or partially unsubscribe from their newsletter.

PUMA Unsubscribe Page

PUMA Unsubscribe Page
PUMA Unsubscribe Page

Here's another great example of a nice unsubscribe page by PUMA. They used the brand color for everything to connect with their users, most of us love PUMA after all.

Also they have the perfect illustration and headline which tells the user that they need them and don't want them to leave.

One thing I would have change is that, I would have added a nice button saying "SUBSCRIBE" rather than just a small text link.

Important Points

  1. Headline should be extremely attention grabbing.
  2. Try to add emotions to your copy, goes long way.
  3. Sprinkle some humor either by words or graphics, serious users are very difficult to convert.
  4. Call to Action should be very clear, highlighted and strategically located.

Apart from all these don't push subscription too much, not all users are here to stay and you need to understand it. The idea to try to keep most of the leaving users.

Also one more important thing, not every design will work so if you have a large newsletter then you can A/B test your unsubscribe page.

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Ankit Ghosh

Freelance content writer and organic marketing enthusiast.

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