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EP17: 25 newsletter growth tips with Brandon Zhang of Weekly Wisdom

About this episode: This week we have the rising-star Brandon Zhang. His newsletter Weekly Wisdom has over 1050+ subscribers and is growing insanely fast. In this episode we’ll cover...

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EP16: Committing to 10 years of your newsletter with Elijah Murray

About this episode: This week we have Elijah Murray the founder of GritList. Elijah set an extraordinary commitment recently. He’s committed himself to publish a newsletter every week for...

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EP15: Monetization, formats, and naming your newsletter with Terry Godier of IndieMailer

About this episode: This week our guest is the amazing Terry Godier of IndieMailer. Terry and I dive deep into the 3 types of formats newsletters fall into, monetization...

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EP14: Avoiding the spam box, monetization, and marketing with Nic Getkate of The Slice

About this episode: This week we have Nic Getkate from The Slice, a curated newsletter for solopreneurs, bootstrappers, and indie founders. On this episode we’ll dive into Nic’s recommendations...

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EP13: Preparation, SEO, and growth with Stefan Palios of Remotely Inclined

About this episode: On this episode we’ll cover topics on how timing is crucial for newsletter success but absolutely doesn’t matter in the lifecycle of your newsletter. We’ll also...

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EP12: Repurposing your newsletter and funnels with Jens Lennartsson of Make & Market

About this episode: This week will cover topics on repurposing your newsletter content, creating sales funnels that work for you, and the importance of having a sales funnel. Jens...

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We’ve recently launched the Newsletter Crew Community. Want to bounce your idea for a newsletter off us? We’re glad to help. Our members have been there, done that. Getting subscribers is probably the hardest part of running your newsletter. We’ve got ideas 🙂 There are more newsletter platforms than you can shake a stick at. Not everyone is a tech genius, so we’re here to help you choose! Many members create journey threads, which keep us updated on their progress. Create one and get feedback along the way.

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